Jacques Jour is an online poster exchange between two designers, where each image contains one element of the preceding image. This could be a part of an illustration, color, background, effect, etc. — the one being more obvious than the other.

It all started with an image of a pineapple sent by Julien. Stephanie kept the pineapple, added a Bambi (coz why not) and sent it back. They have been sending posters to each other ever since.

Jacques Jour is a word play of the french “chaque jour”, meaning “each day”, one of the main rules in the early days of this creative challenge.


Julien Courtial is a French graphic / architectural designer, based in Montpellier, France

Stephanie Delbecque is a Belgian graphic designer / product manager, based in Brussels, Belgium

Jacques Jour is also on Tumblr and might one day be back on Instagram.


Based on the preceding image, same size and no longer than 30 minutes work (sometimes we cheat though ☺︎).

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